FACSS Distinguished Service Award

The FACSS Governing Board presents a Distinguished Service Award to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional, long-term service to the FACSS organization. Typically, that person will have served with excellence in many different capacities and will have contributed to the continuing success of FACSS through consistent dedication and sacrifice.

A candidate for the Distinguished Service Award must be nominated via a written petition, which enumerates the candidate's major contributions. The petition must be signed by at least four delegates, each representing a different member organization of FACSS. The signed petition must be submitted to the executive committee by January 30, in order to be considered and presented at SciX. A Distinguished Service Award will be awarded to the candidate if the Governing Board approved the petition by a majority vote.


2017 Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Diane Parry, Procter & Gamble

Diane Parry is currently a Research & Development Associate Director for the Procter & Gamble Company, managing an organization dedicated to modeling and simulation and upstream projects.  In her 28 years at Procter and Gamble, she has led many disciplines within Research & Development. She is a passionate champion of breakthrough, applied innovation.  She holds over a dozen international patents for her work.

After working for P&G for a couple of years with her undergraduate degree, Diane quit to pursue her Ph.D. in Physical and Analytical Chemistry from the Joel Harris group at the University of Utah, graduating in 1989. She completed Post-Doctoral work with Physicists at IBM’s Almaden Research Center, San Jose, before re-joining P&G in 1991.

Diane is currently the Treasurer and Past Past President of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.  She has served FACSS, SciX, SAS and science for more than twenty years, including as:

  • Workshop co-presenter or presenter to undergraduate and graduate students, "Professional Analytical Chemists in Industry". FACSS/SciX Meeting, annually, in the city hosting the meeting,1995 to 2015;  Also, co-presenter of the same Short Course at the Eastern Analytical Symposium and various Universities by invitation, since 1997.
  • ACS Analytical Section delegate to the Governing Board of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectrocopy Societies (FACSS), 2003.
  • FACSS renewal participant 2004-2005.  Participated as equity design Facilitator in 2005. Facilitated separation and capture of SciX/FACSS equities for the FACSS LRP in 2013 and 2014.
  • Acting role of FACSS Metrician. Diane tracked FACSS progress against equity objectives from 2004 to 2015, until the position had an official name.  
  •  FACSS Governing Board Chair, 2006.  Completed GB Chair Elect, GB Chair, Past Chair, and Past Past Chair annual terms.
  • Society for Applied Spectroscopy Parliamentarian 2009-2011.
  • FACSS Long Range Planning Committee member, 2010 to present.
  • Program Special Section Creator/Organizer, Analytical Chemists Easing World Poverty, (ACEWP) FACSS Program 2011, PittCon Program 2013, SciX 2014.  Organized double-session for the 2013 SciX meeting in Milwaukee; gave a talk and chaired the session.  Diane successfully transferred the job of organizing sessions to Rebecca Airmet in 2015, but remains an ardent supporter.  Diane and Rebecca recently co-authored a chapter on ACEWP, which has been accepted for the upcoming ACS Book "Mobilizing Chemistry Expertise to Solve Humanitarian Problems" edited by Dr. Ronda Grosse (Chemists Without Borders).  
  • 2015 President for the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.  Contributed on a number of SAS Committees as part of this role.

Past Recipients

Year Name
2016 John Chalmers, John Graham, Jim Rydzak
2015 Michael Blades, Gary Brewer and Keith Olson
2014 Ron Williams and Edward J. Havlena
2013 Mark A. Hayes and Cynthia M. Lilly
2012 O Karmie Galle and Bruce Chase
2011 Patricia B. Coleman and Jon W. Carnahan
2010 Scott McGeorge and Alexander Scheeline
2009 Paul Bourassa and Mike Carrabba
2003 Jeanette Grasselli Brown
2001 David Coleman
1994 L. Felix Schneider
1993 Edward Brame and Syd Fleming